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Orbiter Addon Developer

There are a lot of good tools availible to develope Orbiter addons. What are they? Where are they found? How do you use them? My purpose for this page is to help answer these questions. I still have to answer them for my self. But over time my aim is to make this a complete resourse for developers.

Planets & Solar Systems

Bases: Buildings, Pads, Runways

Create a Solar System
Use ready made textures
- Make your own custom planets
Adding water and clouds to planets

- How to use the Photoshop plugin LunarCell


Scenario editer

- The new tile manager
- The City Builder tool

Airport & FBO Info


Vessels & Stations

Web Pages Development

g max free 3D modeling and animation tool
- Stupid Idiots' Guide to starting with gMax Hugh Shoults
- Gmax Tutorials Gary's Trainz Pages
- Freeland 3D Stuff even more tutorials for gmax
- Max2mesh Orbiters .msh file format from/to gmax
- Gmax video tutorial

Anim8or free 3D graphics, animation
- 3D Model to Spaceflight ( easy tutorial )
- Spacecraft2.DLL ( kev33 tutorial )
Anim8or tips ( helpful hints )
Anim8or textures

Vinka Page 3D Modelling (spacecraft.dll )
Radu's Page (mesh converter)
Orbit Calculator program Trev Johns

Star Ship Dimensions

Orbiter Forum Links:
Mesh size [ post 16127 ]
3D Model and Textures [ post 15533 ] [ post 15034 ] C++ Stuff [ post 15461 ]

Web Page Developement
Web Page Guidelines

NetObjects Fusion.
HTML Primer
Daves HTML
A good web page host is

Other Tools & Links

Orbiter Dev Links

Orbiter SDK Forum Visual C++ sticky
Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
Microsoft® Platform Software Development Kit (SDK)
NVIDIA Texture Tools

Crimson Editor
MW Graphics Website (DXTBmp)
Free Resource Editors, Compilers and Icon Editors
Resource Hacker


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