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A short course in Photography

Photography is the art of capturing light. When you begin to focus on "painting with light" during your picture taking, you will be amazed with your results. The average person only thinks about the subject matter, then places the subject directly in the middle and snaps the shot.

More rewarding photos have a little more thought behind them. Thus the more serious photographer spends time considering the exposure ( capturing the light ). Once the exposure is accounted for then you may compose your photograph. In the days of manual photography this took some doing. Many decisions had to be made. Light meters, aperture settings, shutter speed and film speed all had to be carefully calculated for correct exposure. Today, many photographers still prefer manual setting their cameras over losing control to automation

Most cameras are completely automated now, auto exposure, AE, auto shutter speed, AS, and auto focus, AF. These features have given photographers today a great advantage in capturing the moment. The freedom to trigger a shot at will is tremendous. When capturing the right moment in time could be critical to capturing a statement or mood, you can understand why automatic cameras are so popular.

Unfortunately the auto camera has been the cause of many poor photographs. They can easily be use with little to no photographic knowledge. With a little understanding of basics functions an auto camera can perform wonders. However, most consumers don't want to read the manual. They rather take the camera out of the box and begin shooting the event of the day. Its no surprise that there are very few good pictures to retain or even enlarge. Rather, professionals do the family photos on our walls. But those photographs only capture our poised family. The professionals aren't with us as we travel through the events of our life.

The next few pages explain how these auto features work. Upon reading you will understands the basic elements of photography and will be able to use all the neat features built into your camera.

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