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The pages on this web site were created by me using NetObjects Fusion and are hosted by

After many years of writing HTML with Notepad or a code editor, I decided to try a page building program. Manly because I found I spent a lot of time tweaking HTML tables. Something I became good at, but grow tired of having to fool with.

Originally I downloaded several freeware/shareware programs. None of them was what I wanted.  Although these programs do build web pages, they are of no value to those of us who already know HTML. Why? These programs take control over you pages. This is too frustrating to me, I wanted to make minor changes to my pages. I wanted control.

FrontPage was a product that I thought would give me the web design control I wanted. However  I found it would strip out the code I wrote. This absolutely infuriated me. To make it even worse it would write a bunch of garbage code. In essence the pages would look OK but the HTML would go from being clean to bloated. What a surprise from a
Microsoft product. Today I understand Microsoft has taken care of these problems with the upgrade of Frontpage2000.

Adobe also has similar products I tried out and even like but I eventually settled on NetObjects Fusion. Actually I purchased the program under a web hosting deal and then felt obligated to myself to use it. The verdict is I like it very much. It gives me the control I need and yet does all the HTML code for me. Trouble is I still like to play with HTML on occasion and this product won't let you. This was very difficult for me at first, I had to keep my hands off my baby. Eventual I got use to it and even learned a few tricks to get what I wanted into code when needed. This is usually done with third party pug-ins and some back door stuff.

There are some dynamic features I was able to add to the site by using other free services. The best of which is
googles site search service, which allows my readers to search key words on my site alone or throughout the web. Philip Greenspun offers a number of free services I employ on this site as well.

I also follow
Steve Gibson example posted on his privacy page by not using cookies. I don't use cookies, don't ever plan to use them.

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