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Orbiter Tutorials



Fundamentals of Astrodynamics

Astronomy DVDs

Getting Started with Orbiter

Orbiter Training

Orbiter Advanced Training

Addon Developing Tutorials


External Tutorials

Interplanetary flight
Trevor Johns's Tutorial ( Mars to Phobos, zip, MJD Calculator and Orbit Calculator )
Duncan Sharpe's Tutorial ( Earth to Mars, web page )

Space Shuttle and ISS
Atlantis to ISS Tutorial ( Radu Poenaru )
How to insert the daily ISS ORBITER-elements into your own scenarios ( Orbiter Forum )
Tutorial for final ISS R-Bar approaches with Chris' Attitude MFD ( Orbiter Forum )


Realtime ISS



Apollo Lunar Landing Mission Tutorial
Manual lunar landing ( Orbiter Forum )
Translunar flight, using Apollo 17 ( Orbiter Forum )
Apollo History

More stuff from the Orbiter discussion board

Easy transfer orbit to Moon (long)

Aligning and Synchronizing orbits

Calculating windows
landing the space shuttle

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