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There are hundreds of amateur astronomy pages out there. Many of which have outstanding content. There are pages that can answer just about any questioned you may have on astronomy. I don't believe my content is any better. But I do try to offer this content in a manner that's easy to find and read. In doing so I hoped to make this site useful to many.

There are certain design guidelines I try to stick to. For some reason amateur astronomer web designers can't resist the black background with hard to read red letters. All of my pages have easy to read text with background I feel is easy on the eyes. Each page on this site looks like every other page within it's section. They all have the same headers and navigational aids.

You will not be teased with any fancy flash pages, flying saucers, or floating eyeballs. I most warn you though some of my external links will point to sites that have this junk. Why do I do this? Simple because these pages offer good content that I believe you may be interested in. These pages I consider to have the best content that I currently know of on the subject. Even if I don't care for the site design, I do appreciate the content that may be found there. I do recommend to anyone posting web pages to read
Top ten mistakes of web design.

I am not totaly against using flash, but it must be done well. Also flash does have a place for web presentations. The Orbiter flash intro ( slow download ) is a good example of flash used with taste.

When other sites offer content similar to mine I am not afraid of linking to it. Go there and learn from them. Good chance is that they know more than I do on the subject. I also offer links to sites that sell products that you may be interested in. Hypertext is the power of the web, and in every way I try to take advantage of it. Therefore each page has related links after the subject. This allows the reader to further explore topics of interest.

You will not find annoying ad banners or pop ups on my site. I only offer links to products that you might be interested in. It is possible though through your shopping I could get referral fees.

If you are annoyed with pop up ads from other sites, you could use
Opera as your web browser. Opera has a preference that kills pop ups. Also there is a freeware program that I use called CookieCop that prevents pop ups. If you are like me and are still using MS Internet Explorer, you can set your PICS rules to filter out known ads. Other then this we all have to live with this annoyance even though tells Why Advertising doesn't work on the web. A counter view on this subject may be found by howstuffworks on how ad banners work.

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