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I'm married with three children. I have two sons and a daughter, with my daughter being the oldest. Both my wife and I have been married only once, to each other of course, and plan on keeping it that way. We live in Florida and are able to enjoy many clear nights viewing the stars. There are many more good observing nights here then there was in New Jersey where I grow up and began my interest in astronomy. I do miss the seasonal weather changes though.

The only time I find it difficult to observe in Florida is in the summer. The high humidity at night is just too uncomfortable for me. However on a good clear night I may adventure out if I have plenty of blood to share with mosquitos.

There are times I  like observing alone and simple feel as if I do my best observing that way. Most of the time though I observe with close friends. Once a month we venture out to a good dark site for our club star party. New people come every month to our dark site. It's always exciting to share the stars with others who are new to astronomy.

I work at Kennedy Space Center as an Environmental Professional. Some of my work photos are posted on the web site. As an Environmental Professional I have the privilege to explore just about any area of the space center. My main job function is Design for the Environment or DfE for short. This job simple evaluates what impact our engineering designs will have on our planet. Quite often we can design products, in this case, the Space Shuttle, to be environmental friendly.

My other job functions include web page design and maintenance. I also work with application development and integration and other unmentionable environmental stuff. I began building web pages for work in 1996. At the time I wrote all my pages in Notepad. Later I began building pages with a HTML editor, Homesite, which started out as freeware. Today at work I use the commercial version of Homesite to write my pages in Cold Fusion. However, the pages on eharm .net are built with NetObjects Fusion which requires no coding on my part at all. Well almost, I can't help myself, so I sometimes get involved in the HTML code.

I am also a firm believer in God. What I believe conerning God.

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