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Orbiter Acronyms

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ATM - Atmosphere
AOA - Angle of Attack
COM Communications
CSM Command Service Module
EMU - Extra Vehicle Maneuvering Unit
ET   - External Tank
FOV Field of View

HAC - cylinder
HTO - Hypothetical Transfer Orbit
HUD Heads-up Display
ILS - Instrument Landing System
IDSn- Instrument Docking System
ISS  International Space Station
KSC Kennedy Space Center

LEO - Low Earth Orbit
LM Luner Module
LOL Lots of Laphs

MFD Multifunctional Display
ME   - Main Engines
MECO- Main Engine Cut Off
MJD  - Modified Julian Date
MMU - Manned Maneuvering Unit

PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator
VASI - Visual Approach Slope Indicator
NDB - Receiver (Non-Directional Beacon, a.k.a radio compass)
OMS- Orbiter Maneuvering System
RCS- Reaction Control System
SRB- Solid Rocket Booster
TLI - Tank Level Indicator

UT - Universal Time
VOR - Very High Frequency Omnidirection Range
VTOL - Vertical Take-Off & Landing

Abbreviations for Spacecraft Elements:

Sma - Semi-major axis
Smi- Semi-minor axis
PeD - Periapsis distance
ApD - Apoapsis distance
Rad - Radial distance
Ecc - Eccentricity
T - Orbit period
PeT - Time to periapsis passage
ApT - Time to apoapsis passage
Vel - Velocity
Inc - Inclination
LAN - Longitude of asc. node
Lpe - Longitude of periapsis
AgP - Argument of periapsis
TrA - True anomaly
TrL - True longitude
MnA - Mean anomaly
MnL - Mean longitude

TLe: True longitude of orbit ejection point
DT e: Time to ejection point [s]
Dv: Velocity difference resulting from ejection burn [m/s]
TLi: True longitude of interception with target orbit (if applicable)
DT i: Time to interception with target orbit [s] (if applicable)

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