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Orbiter Basic Training

Tutorial 2 - Takeoff and Fly Back

Note: This next training session is a walk in the park.

    From the Orbiter Main Menu "Launchpad" select the Delta-glider\DG-s ready for takeoff sencario.

    Rotate to the front until you have the Delta-Glider nose cone in view if you aren't already. Now press [ K ]. This is your docking port. We won't be using it now so close it.

    Now lets take the pilot seat, [ F1] key.

    Go ahead and toggle [F8] until you see the virtual cockpit.

    Note: This is where we depart from the first tutorial, so buckle up. Unlike Mars where we flew the DG like a space ship in this tutorial you will learn the DG can be flown like any aircraft.

    You won't be able to hover on Earth so hit the gas and takeoff down the runway.  We're going to use main thrust now for our climb, so take main thrust up to full. As you climb off the runway take up the gear. Grab that stick and take her around. Yeah this is easy stuff for experience pilots like yourself.

    Fly to you get to over a 2000 k , [ A2.000k ]  if  your not already. Make sure the Level Horizon button is not lit up, we're going to fly this ship back to the strip. Cut off  all thrust, numpad [ * ] key, and begin gliding back dead stick.

    Take hold of the joystick and fly like any other flight sim, you can give it some forward thrust if you want, and turn it into an acrojet.  Actually, I find it a little easier to fly with some main thrust. Line her up and take her down. Don't forget the gear and ease into a flare just before touchdown. The [,][.] keys are wheel brakes but you can hit full thrust for a touch and go.

    This tutorial was a breeze. Didn't learn anything here? Don't kid yourself, this space craft makes a pretty good aircraft too. Maybe Orbiter isn't all that hard to learn afterall.

    Repeat this exersise and practice landing free flight.

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