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Orbiter Basic Training

Tutorial 3 - Takeoff into space

    From the Orbiter Main Menu "Launchpad" select the Delta-glider\DG-s ready for takeoff sencario.

    You should have an external view of the Delta-Glider. Press [ F1 ] and get inside. Press [ F8 ] to toggle off the panels and switch to the transparent MFDs.

    Note: You may choose solid background MFDs in Launchpad menu before you load the scenario if you like.

    Then toggle [ H ] to bring up the HUD to SRFCE. Notice on the top left of the screen there are three bars, Fuel, Main and Hovr.

    Press PWR under the left MFD should disappear. We want it back so press it again and press SEL and Surfaces MFD. Enough of this instrument stuff and secondly, I thought this was a Space Sim ...OK..OK.....Lets leave this swamp.

    Bring forward thrust all the way up and begin riding down the runway. 

    Use numpad [ 2 ] , or the joystick,  to pitch the nose up and bank right to head east after you raise up off the runway. Once headed east, level out and pitch over +70 on the HUD.  You should see the target vector ball rise up on the HUD. What we want is the target ball to sit on top of our aim. Little trick to keep it there is to press numpad [5] the killrot autopilot. It will hold your attitude for you.

    Go outside and have a look, [ F1 ],  rotate to the camera to the front to look back toward the ground behind you.  Don't forget to bring the landing gear up, [ G ]. When your done looking go back inside. Check the surface MFD for atmospheric pressure ( ATM PRS ). You will notice it decrease as you gain altitude. Also once you leave the atmosphere DG control surfaces won't work any more. Bring up your panel and turn RCS MODE to ROT to use the ships thrusters.

    Soon you will see some stars. When you reach [ A150.0k ] begin to pitch your nose down to view Earth benieth you. Kill thrust and let it ride. You have escaped earths atmosphere and made it into space. But you won't stay here for long though, eventually earths gravity will pull you back home.

    Lets just have fun with this for now and not worry about all the math. There will always be time later to hit the books and learn all that orbital mechanics stuff.

    So sit back relax, cut all engines off and enjoy some peace...When your ready press [ T ] to increase time 10X. Your sub orbital flight will take you back into the atmosphere. Press [ R ] to bring it back to normal time before you reenter.

    Happy spashdown.

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