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Orbiter Instrument Training ( MFDs )

Some knowledge of basic space flight physics will help us in understanding our instrument readings. The people of Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) create an exceptional training module on this topic for NASA. So instead of reproducing that here I will simply refer you to these pages as needed by hyperlink. The JPL links will open up external pages to my own and in no way do I take credit for them. Although I may only reference a few of these pages I suggest that at some point you take the time to read as much of them as possible.

You may start buy reading Newton's Principles of Mechanics.

The basic maneuvers a space pilot needs to learn are broken down as follows:

In the this series of tutorials I will address the above list until we have master them all. Once mastered you will have the skills to fly anywhere in the OrbiterSim solar system. You will also have quite a bit of physics under your belt to boot.

>> Launch into stable orbit

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Here is a list of the instruments use to accomplish these basic maneuvers.

Instrument Key

Planetary surface

Surface MFD [S]


Launch MFD [L]

Orbit, launch to, change

Orbit MFD [O]

Rotate orbit inclination

Align MFD [A]

Catch a target

Sync MFD [Y]

Dock with target

Dock MFD [D]

Transfer Orbit

Transfer MFD [X]

Map display

Map MFD [M]



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