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Adventures in Orbiter

Mining the Moon - Pt. VII Author: David Organ ( Staiduk )

For this installment; I offer a montage of failure. Back out to the rangesCruising low and slow; searching for visible trace

I spent a week back at Heinlein; giving the month-long lunar day time to progress.

And of course; allowing my friendship with Amanda to progress as well.

Anyway; after seven days in comfortable inactivity; I contacted Intersolar S&R and had my contract mission time of one month extended to two. I then headed out once again. I had two more identified locations to check out; I spent two days at the first and three at the second.

I might as well have saved my time and fuel. There actually was considerable iridium trace at the second; enough to locate a possible strike spot and drill a test hole. Unfortunately; all iridium trace turned out to be just that: surface trace. No subsurface ore at all.

Deplaned in a crater;
returning to the Weasle after a failed ground surveyOh well - this isn't anything new to a prospector; but it is depressing. By this time; I'd been away from Heinlein for a week. I still had plenty of fuel and supplies; and most definitely did not want to return to Earth with a zero-claim trip.

So after admitting defeat at the identified strikes; I lifted off and headed east into the Montes Caucasus range.

Six days, zero iridium, several headaches, two close calls on oxygen, and a twisted ankle later; I came to the conclusion that that was a bad idea as well.

Sigh - some days you just can't win for losing. I'm not quite ready to return to Heinlein; just a couple more spots I want to check out. In the meantime; I'm just going to whine and grumble a bit; out here where no-one can hear it.


Still looking for iridium.......Still not finding any.

Craters - big craters - are ideal 
spots for iridium prospecting. Apparently; 
this particular crater didn't learn that rule....and just for the record; 
I'm getting real sick of grey




Mining the Moon Pt. VIII

You will need the following add-ons to run this mission for yourself.

- DGIII and skins
- Moon Base Alpha


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