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DeltaGlider II

Filename: DeltaGliderII
Author: Daniel Polli (DanSteph)
Type: Space Ships
Size: 667kb

File Description:
Delta Glider II ( GSNDO ) New Delta Glider with system controls, new sounds and life support.

Because of it's panels the Delta Glider was for a long time the preferred ship for many. With the 021202 release of Orbiter not only the Delta Glider, but the Shuttle A and Dragonfly have panels adding to the realism and fun of Oriter.

Now Dan Polli has developed a new set of panels for a ship much like the DG called the Delta Glider II. The panels are packed with many new features and sounds. The realism added by these panels cannot be understated. You now feel as if you are truly sitting in the pilots seat. Yet with all the added gizmos the panels are user friendly and very intuitive.

Dan has also added an onboard flight computer. This is a not just for looks though. The computer adds a variety of functions and can even be used to do mathematical calculations. Several programs are built into the computer and you can even load your own programs. The programs include autopilots for takeoff and reentry.

Other features to the DGII are; onboard checklist, life support and alerts. This model even has a turbo pump that can be used on takeoff. Refueling is no longer automatic on landind/docking, you must fuel each tank manually now adding to the fun. Once you fly the DGII you will not go back to the default DG again.

The functionality of these panels is surperb. I highly recommend this download. The only negative I can find with the DGII is really a plus. This is a Beta add-on that is never complete. Dan is always adding more! I quickly became addicted to flying this ship and it was my only choice for weeks. If you enjoy flying the DG this is a must have add-on.

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