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Moon Base Alpha

Author: Cristiano Corti
Type: Base
Size: 1801kb

File Description:
Space: 1999 Mooonbase Alpha (beta V.3)

You know Martin has given us all the tools we need to build fabulous bases in Orbiter. And I suspect that he's depending on the community to do so while he focuses his efforts advancing Orbiters code. In particular I'm referring to creating unique building designs with good looking textures. Most buildings I've seen so far look so blockish and low res. The kind of stuff we were accustomed to seeing in 3D games years ago. The 2251pt1redmars_v2 add-on added 18 new bases with cool new building designs and domed cities. Good stuff and a good start. Yet since then we haven't seen much work in this area, until now.

Moon Base Alpha is a spectacle to behold. The base is set inside a crater which is in an even larger crater and all of which are modeled and textured. The pictures presented here say it all. This base with it's eye catching building design is one you don't what to miss. The designs come from the TV show Space:1999. The base has some built in animation as well. The landing pads have retractable corridors that come out and attach to the cargo doors of the New Eagle.

Although you can create your own scenarios with Moon Base Alpha the ones that comes with the download require the New Eagle ship. So I highly recommend you download the New Eagle as well and install it first.

You won't be able to simple unzip to the Orbiter folder to install this one. As is the case with any base add-ons you must manually edit your config file for the base planet. There is no way for the add-on developer to know what bases you currently have so you must be prepared to add the base to the config file yourself. Open the readme file and carefully follow the instructions step by step and it will perform as advertised.

Tip! Get the New Eagle and install it first then install this one.

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