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Earth 1962

Author: Rob Conley
spacecraft and stations
Size: 1358K
Review Date: 02/07/05

File Description:
All the 1962 tracking stations, and launch pads you want. This include the Mercury Tracking Network. textured Vandenburg AFB, Baikonur, LC 19 (Gemini-Titan), and LC 14 (Project Mercury) at the Cape. This file is required to run all scenarios for the historical rockets at
Meadville Space Center. Authored by Rob Conley, and Brad Hodges

I've been enjoying the curent technology ships as well as the futuristic ones so much I didn't think the early space capsules would hold my interest. Boy was I wrong. The historical mission add-ons are well done and are packaged with a lot of features, eye-candy and excitement. For those of us who were living during those days these missions bring back a lot of childhood memories and thrills. On the other hand for my children who haven't payed much attention to my Orbiter escapades since I got it are now suddendly attracted to my Gemini add-on. Granted they get a kick out of spinning the space walker on his tether and doing parachute jumps off the pad. But hey, they are learning a little bit about space flight.

Of the add-ons these make the most educational. You can't help but to learn space flight in the same manner as the early space pioneers did. Of course you will come to know space flight history along the way.

To Install:
Simply unzip into your Orbiter directory with the 'Use folder names' option. These add-ons have the Orbiter folders built in so all the components end up in the right places.

Then download these files


If you are having graphic problems, see to it that you don't use 16bit color, 24 bit or 32 bit color doesn't have these problems

To get your gemini launches working on the proper pads, go into your scenario files for the particular launches and change system Sol to System Sol_1962 and launch pad number to 14.

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