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Gemini Titan 2

Author: Rob Conley
spacecraft and stations
Size: 1854K
Review Date: 02/13/05

File Description:
The forgotten manned program of the United States. However without the expertise and skills developed during Gemini, Apollo would have never made it to the moon. This includes Gemini III, IV, and VIII and EVA capabilities. This version includes titan2 stage 2 roll, Gemini X, parachute animation, and more.

Authored by Rob Conley, Roger Long, Dealer McDope, Scott Oehlerking and Brad Hodges.

The Space Program had to answer many questions before going to the moon. Back in 1962 all that NASA had done was get a man in space and then into orbit to catch up with the Russians. But if NASA was to put a men on the moon before the end of the decade a lot of problems needed to be address quickly.

The soul purposes of the Gemini missions were to prove men could live and work on the moon long before the trip was made. Then and only then could Apollo be used to take us to the moon. This add-on recreates these missions and the problems they needed to solve superbly.

The major mission objects for Gemini are as follows:

- Prove men can live in space for long durations. At least long enough for men to get to the moon, do some exploring and get back home. Two men a couple weeks in orbit would more then cover it.

- Prove men could work outside of a spacecraft and accomplish useful tasked there.

- Make rendezvous with other spacecraft. By this time it was evident that NASA would use a lunar lander and rendezvous would be necessary. No single stage rocket would make it to the moon and back.

- Prove that two spacecraft would not only rendezvous but be able to dock to one another.

- Perfect methods of entering the atmosphere and land at a preselected point.

These objectives had never been done before. Yes the Russians did open the hatch in space and did get a man out first, but NASA needed to know if we could get a man completely out of the craft and accomplish something useful. This add-on let you relive these events and learn these same skills yourself. These were not easy task for NASA and they won't be for you either.

As usual for Rob Conley and his team this add-on performs without a clitch. Stage seperations, capsule animations, EVA, reentry parachutes and all the model graphics are all done to perfection. You can even do an EVA ( Walk in Space ) and "feel like a million bucks" as Ed White did. There are interior cockpit textures but there are no working panels for this add-on as of yet. I'm looking forward to seeing this in the future revisions.

If you are new to Orbiter the wonderful thing about this Gemini Titan add-on is that it will teach you all the fundamentals of space flight. If you are a seasoned Orbinaut you will enjoy the beauty of these historical mission and have a fine set of objective filled scenarios to complete. This add-on is certainly well worth the download and a "must have" to add to your historical missions collection.

To Install:
Simply unzip into your Orbiter directory with the 'Use folder names' option. These add-ons have the Orbiter folders built in so all the components end up in the right places.

Then download and install these files
Earth 1962
- EVA enhanced textures


Read up on the Gemini missions and use the Checklist MFD add-on to complete them with.

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