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Project Alpha ISS

Filename: Project_Alpha_Version1.1a.exe
Author: Andrew
Website: Project Alpha
spacecraft and stations
Size: 925K

File Description:
Project Alpha's complete assembly of ISS (International Space Station). Project Alpha is a highly optimized commercial quality model, specifically designed for Virtual Game Environments with maximum speed and precision modeling from NASA data.

Of all the add-ons I've come across this one is at the top of the list for eye-candy. If you ever intend on reaching ISS in Orbiter Sim you will want this add-on. Let me put it this way. Once you been to this rendering of ISS you will plan many more missions to it. This model is superb. Be sure to do a space walk in the MMU around this station and take plenty of pictures. Yes learning all the space flight physics and actually flying realistic simulations is the joy of Orbiter. But I got to tell you, after all the hard work, arriving at a station that looks this good is what dreams are made of.

Be sure to download this one and make it your default ISS. The download includes an installer that puts everything in place for you. Which make this one of the easiest add-ons to use to date.

There is one downside. This is a completed ISS. If you want to have your station with what's currently configured in orbit then get David Hopkins set of six Intermediate ISS files. Daves files are high res and are beautifully rendered. Dave's ISS files do not over write the default ISS, so you can use both of these add-ons if you like.

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