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Project Apollo - NASSP

Author: Jean-Luc Rocca-Serra, Rob Conley & Contributors
Project Apollo - NASSP
Type: Spacecraft and Stations
Review Date: 11/06/05


File Description:
This add-on has all that's needed to fly the
Apollo missions. It has all the Apollo rocket stages for either a Saturn V or Saturn IB launch. Included are the command service module, lunar module, workable panels, autopilots, Display & Keyboard (DSKY), launch pads and scenarios for the Apollo missions.

There is no better way to learn about the US Space program then to relive it for yourself. With the NASSP add-on to Orbiter you can experience mankind's first journey to the moon far better then you could by simply watching it on television. You can retrace the steps of history by stepping into the role of an astronaut and flying those historical missions. Place yourself in an Apollo capsule and flip every switch just as they should be. Learn for yourself the difficulties of space flight first hand and train for any Apollo mission including the abort sequences.

Yes NASSP offers all you dreamed about since you were a kid. A simulation with full working panels. A virtual cockpit that shakes on lift off. A fully functional command module, Lunar module and rocket stages. Fly any Apollo mission using real physics and do it by the numbers. Keep to the mission events time line and even do scheduled EVAs.

The rocket assembly is rendered beautifully and now the mobile launch platform and tower are included with the download. I don't know what more can be added to these 3D models. Watching the stages separate is a sight to behold. The Lunar and Command modules are modeled inside and out. The new virtual cockpit view gives you that true in the capsule perceptive making the Apollo rocket just plain fun to ride. The panel view is operational and getting better with each revision. 

The autopilots will take you from lift off right through all stage separations and place you in parking orbit around Earth. Yet if you would prefer you may use the DSKY interface to program the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) and appreciate ever aspect of the apollo missions. On arrival of lunar orbit jump into the LM and take command. A successful landing on the lunar surface is the ultimate challenge. Then ascend back into lunar orbit to dock with the CSM.

This add-on performs without a glitch, stage separations, capsule animation's, EVA, reentry parachutes and all the model graphics are all done to perfection. I'm at awe with this whole project yet it is not just one person or even a team project, but more of a community labor of love.

This add-on is certainly well worth the download and a "must have" to add to your historical missions collection.

To Install:
Simply unzip into your Orbiter directory with the 'Use folder names' option. These add-ons have the Orbiter folders built in so all the components end up in the right places.

Get all the patches from Project Apollo - NASSP

Then download and install these files
Earth 1962
- EVA enhanced textures


Most scenarios set the FOV to 50 when loading orbiter. But with a 50 degree FOV the virtual cockpit of the command module feels quite tight and in reality it is. To give a more spacious feel to the capsule jump the FOV all the way up to 90. Then when looking out the side window change the FOV to 30 to get a more focused view. Have fun and play around with this some.

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