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Ultimate Space Shuttle for Orbiter Simulator 2006

We all know that using Orbiter has a large learning curve but getting some of the finest add-ons installed and running can be just as daunting. I put together this guide to help smooth the way to launching the Space Shuttle realistically using the most popular  add-ons available. This will set up Orbiter to fly with the very popular Shuttle Fleet add-ons.

Begin by installing the following add-ons to your basic Orbiter install.


If you don't already have, it install the OrbiterSound add-on.

Open the SoundConfig utility found in the main Orbiter folder to customize your sound settings. Under "Enable/disable sound and set volume" my preferences are everything checked except the following uncheck:

For add-ons that have there own sound files like the Shuttle Fleet Vehicles I turn off the ATC radio chatter to avoid mixing in unrelated chatter. Just uncheck the Allow ATC Sound box.

Lastly the More Options section is just annoyances, so I uncheck the first two but be sure to check the "Don't warn me about orbiter sound 2.5" box. Save and exit.

Hi-Res Kennedy Space Center

Begin by installing Hi-res Kennedy Space Center. This will overwrite the Orbiter default ground texture around KSC to a very high resulution one. This makes a hugh difference and is highly reccomended if your computer can handle it.

KSC Environment

The KSC Environment V2 is my own creation I put togther to add many of the buildings around the LC39 area. Be sure to read the instructions carefully for as with any base add-on there is some file editing that needs to be done. But it is faily simple to do.

Space Shuttle Fleet

To install extract the Shuttle Fleet V3.9.4 into Orbiters main folder. Let it replace files if necessary. Now install the ShuttleFleetV4.0UpgradePatch3. Then activate the GPSMFD module. Included with any of the shuttle fleet is the GPCMFD. This is a Multi-Function Display (MFD) for the Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator to simulate some of the computer displays from the actual shuttle. This adds incrediable realism to your Orbiter experience.

To further enhance the Shuttle Fleet, install and activate the re-entry autopilot AutoFCS2 that is included with this addon. Be careful to read the installation instructions carefuly.

That works fine for me. Only it will not land you on the runway of choice. So during the approach I manualy fly in the way the real Shuttle astronauts do anyways. To fly the remainder in yourself unselect the buttons roll, pitch and yaw in the AutoFCS dialog box and maybe even the Flight Directory box. I notice by doing this that I had control over the joystick but AutoFCS still operated the landing gear and drag shut.

Some people use the AFCS2p1 because it includes the latest AutoFCS but it spun my Shuttle out of control. So what else can I say.

Space Station

The default ISS is the completed version, to get the configuration of ISS during any mission install the ISS Fleet V2.0.0 add-on. This is the current condition of the ISS on orbit. Based upon a series of models made by Andrew Farnaby (the artist behind the Project_Alpha ISS that comes with the stock Orbiter installation). The mesh is rotated such that when in a Prograde hold mode, the ISS is in a LVLH attitude for shuttle approach and dockings. Docking ports are provided for Soyuz and Progress craft but I'm not certain there is a docking port for the MPLM so I included an identical docking scenario with the defualt full up ISS.

Flying the Space Shuttle

Now you should have everything installed listed in this guide. Putting it all together and getting it to work is the real challenge. That's why I have this Space Shuttle Guide with scenario files that run them all. Also included in this download is a summary of main events of a Space Shuttle flight. In addition it includes a checklist of keyboard commands to run the complete mission with these fine add-ons. To find out even more on the Space Shuttle visit my Space Shuttle pages.

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