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Space Shuttle Fleet  V3.8.2

Filename: Space ShuttleV382
Author: Don Gallagher, Dave Hopkins
Type: Space Ships
Size: 6.14Mb

File Description: The full Space Shuttle Fleet. Full Autopilot during launch -GPC MFD - Custom exhaust flames - Possible engine failures - Gravity gradient - Aerodynamic control surfaces - Trim control - Speed brake - Drogue chute

Review (08/16/05):
This is got to be the most sought after add-on ever. I mean you can explore the whole solar system in Orbiter but the primary delight of this program is Space Shuttle simulation. Hence the name Orbiter. Sure the default Atlantis is fully functional but you must fly it by the seat of your pants. Something that even the astronauts don't do. This package adds the much wanted automation.

After many hours of manual launching the Atlantis into circular orbit the Space Shuttle Fleet is a true blessing. Now that I know I have the ability to do it manually I don't care to ever have to do it again. Therefore I'm please to let the autopilot from GPC MFD launch the Space Shuttle into LEO for me. Even if you never launched the Space Shuttle into orbit before this mod will guaranty success. Later if you get the gumption to try for a manual launch you have the autopilot as the ideal trainer.

Also included are new launch sounds and radio chatter. There are visual improvements included as well with more realistic exhaust flames and a drag chute upon landing. If you want to do some serious shuttle training you can turn on the random failure mode. Then try to do a fly back to one of the abort runways. There is a autopilot for reentry to help you make it back home to the Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center.

As is implied in the name "Orbiter" flying a real space craft like the Space Shuttle is the main attraction to this sim. With this in mind any of the Space Shuttle Fleet is a must have add-on for Orbiter.

Graphics are outstanding. Everything else in Orbiter looks beautiful why not the Orbiter fleet. Well now with this add-on we have all the gorgeous textures that do so much for the look and feel of Space Shuttle flight and all the automation that you dream about. .

The textures are superb as well. I especially like the inside of the payload bay. Very nicely done. Take a look at that American flag, cool. The inside cargo doors are fabulous too. Doing an EVA now has a whole new excitement to it. The Orbiter windows look almost real. An added plus is that the flight deck is textured with panels all around. You can see the seats and aft control panels from outside the Orbiter windows.

This package also includes sound files specific to an Orbiter Launch for use with the OrbiterSound add-on.

All the key commands are the presented in complete Shuttle Fleet Vehicles manual. The Ku -Band antenna is controlled by the key combination of "CTRL+U" with checking that will prevent the deployment of the antenna if the payload bay doors have not been opened. Also  the payload bay doors cannot be closed if the antenna is deployed.

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Harmsway in the Endeavour Flight DeckTip!
All the Shuttle Fleet Vehicles have been textured and now are available for download.

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