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What I believe concerning God

I believe in Jesus Christ and Him crucified for me.

Who is Jesus? He is a man who was born in Israel 2000 years ago and claimed to be God. Because of this claim He was nailed to a cross and remained there until He died. This was the custom for criminals in that day deserving the death penalty. His dead body was then taken off the cross and placed into a grave. After three days He rose from His grave, spent some time with His friends, then went on to Heaven to prepare His Kingdom. What this means is that He is alive today and to all who enter His Kingdom they too receive eternal life. Yes I believe that He was not just a man but God who became man for a time.

His purpose in walking with us as a man was so that He being Man may be put to death as a man. So that His death as a man was more important then His life as a man. Now having died He died for us having paid our debt of sin. But death could not keep Him for He rose from the dead and is alive again. So now we too are alive in Him if we coose to recieve Him. So now I have eternal life as well.

It was I who was deserving of the death penalty not Jesus. I had turned my back on God and was only interested in taken care of myself. I was living for me and mine. True I was not a bad guy nor a criminal in this world. Yet I was living for me. Even those who I loved were centered around who I was and how they fit into my life. In the end life was all about me.

Now having chosen to recieve the gift that God offers everyone I no longer live for myself. Rather now I live for Him. For this gift is not just eternal life or life after death but it is life now for the present. A life of purpose and meaning. Today I have a reason for my excistence and a reason to be alive. For my life is no longer about me but about Him.


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