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full of stars
it's full of stars!... Follow these steps to achieve the most realistic looking night sky and be immersed in the most beautiful planet/star views!

Stange beeps during load times .... It is a tell tale sign that the add-on didn't place a carriage return at the end of the last line of code. It is easy to fix though, just open the config file for offending bases and place a blank line down below the last line of code. That's below the END_OBJECTLIST in the base file. But even easier then that is this suggestion by Artyom Litvinovich ( Artlav )

Hmm... Patching hundreds of file by hands dosnt makes much sense...
Here is a simple batch to do the job, just put it in the orbiter\config and run.

for %%f in (*.cfg) do echo.>>%%f
>-------------End of corrector.bat------------<

Or if you prefer you can download ConfigSweep from Daver. More on this from the Orbiter Forum ID-18111

Canaveral tile looks silly from orbit. ..You can actually kinda defeat this by changing the size of the tile in the canaveral.cfg file. I have mine set to when Im 100km away (above or downrange), the tile dissapears leaving the tile-less portion of flordia visible. Only issue with this is: When you are coming in with the shuttle, the tile wont appear until you are about that far away. You just have to kinda play around with it. Also two tips

KSC Tile in the Clouds - Open up the canaveral.cfg...find the big number at the top...3000 or something like is how far in km this base remains on screen...i reduced mine to 15km and that goes away almost as soon as you pass through the clouds. If you want the runway to remain, you need to make a seperate 'base' for it and add it like any other.

Olympus Mons mysterously disapears as you fly over it. This tip is the identical to the one above only we are increasing visibilty instead of decreasing it.To take care of this simple change the base config file ObjectSize to equal 5000.

Start by opening OLYMPUS.CFG file in notepad


; === Surface Base ===
Name = Olympus
Size = 5000
ObjectSize = 5000

Joystick in XP now works, set Main engine control, slider 0

Remove Atlantis Panel ...In the Atlantis.cfg file (in the Orbiter.cfg dir) look under "rendercockpit" and make it "FALSE"...vs. TRUE...then it's gone...

The MMU can now be brought back into the ship. How?...( future tip )

Orbit Stabilization is designed to do the same job as Duncans antifall.dll used to do - it prevents low orbits around planets from falling apart under high time acceleration. It does this by cheating in some fashion (just as Duncans antifall module did). So you can leave stations in orbit now.

You can check whether orbit stabilization is active for a particular vessel at any given time by looking at the bottom of its info sheet (Ctrl-I).

Jumping Graphics If you have trouble with graphics jumping when undocking vessels then try unchecking Orbit Stabilization in the Launchpad.

Dark side of planets If you find that the dark sided of a planet is too dark enter launchpad and select visual effects tab. Increase the ambient light level until it's satisfactory. I perfer a little light over complete darkness.

MFD refresh rate can be set in the Orbiter launchpad, go to parameters tab. In the bottom left is a group called 'instruments' and under that 'MFD refresh rate' set this to 0.50 or lower. The default is 1 and this is why the MFDs were only updating every 1 second. This will help nail those transfer burns.

MFDs functions Press shift ~ in any MFD and you will see a complete list of that MFDs functions.

MFD's key activation conflicts Press SHIFT+[F1] to browse all MFD's. Orbiter should solve these conflicts by attributing new activation keys

Atlantis panels V1.0 add-on If you have the Atlantis panels V1.0 you need to make a correction to the docking port. Just add the following lines to the Atlantis.cfg file.

; === Docking parameters ===
0.00 2.375 10.44 0 1 0 0 0 -1


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