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TO THE MOON IN 24 HOURS (TTM24) Beta Release 4

Website: Authors Website
Author: Kenny Bolli
Type: Vessels, Stations and Lunar Base
6.744 MB
Review Date: 04/27/04

File Description:
The Feasibility of 24 Hour Commuter Flights to the Moon Using NTR Propulsion with LUNOX Afterburners. Based on Dr. Stanley K. Borowski's paper titled "2001: A Space Odyssey Revisited" and Kenny's interpretation of paintings by NASA artist Pat Rawlings. Dr. Borowski proposes that the development of two key technologies - liquid oxygen (LOX)-augmented nuclear thermal rocket (NTR) propulsion and lunar oxygen mining -- could form the basis of a lunar transportation system capable of providing weekly 24-hour flights to the Moon.

This addon brings us unprecedented thrills in beauty and function. As someone in the Official forum commented "this addon ups the bar for all addons". This is not just another ship, station or base, but rather all of these to bring about a whole new simulated environment. Neither is this a fictitious environment but rather the next logical step using current technologies.

Having the opportunity to try my hand at this technology concept I now have a greater appreciation for it's feasibility. In fact after doing a few missions I'm convinced that this would be a very reliable and economical way to go.

What exactly are the missions? Well, simply stated to transport a fair size crew from an Earth station to a lunar base in just 24 hours time. TTM24 includes everything you need including a beautiful lunar base. The base itself is set inside textured lunar scenery. Here is what you get;

- Earth Orbit Space Station (EOSS)
- Passenger Transport Module (PTM) with operating panel
- Lunar Transfer Vehicle (LTV)
- Lunar propellant depot (Lunar Station)
- Lunar Landing Vehicle (LLV)
- Flatbed rover
- LUNOX base located on the southeastern edge of Mare Serenitatis ( Scenery included)

There are plenty of good animation's with this addon. All the stuff you would expect to operate does. All the vessels, stations and base models are highly detailed and textured. The cockpit of the PTM has an interior window you must look through. A very nice effect indeed. This lattest version has a working panel that come with the PTM vessel. The addition of panel certainly makes this a superior addon. The panel has working buttons and levers for just about ever operation you can think of. Even the virtual joystick works. Another nice feature I would hope to see in future development would be the ability to do EVA and/or moon walks.

Flight characteristics feel about right for all vessels. Even the Lander with the PTM attached performed well. The PTM docked to the Lunar Transfer Vehicle (LTV) behaves kind of tipsy but this is exactly what I would expect when operating from one end of a long cylinder. So you will notice when activating an autopilot you will swing passed the desired heading and come back again. The rover is lots of fun but is a bit quirky. Steering the rover is somewhat strange and takes some getting used too. Parking the rover under the PTM can be puzzling because the rover will tend to slip to one side for no apparent reason.

Overall it is quite evident that a lot of work went into TTM24. To top it all off there are all new sounds with this download. There is no question that all this work pays off wonderfully. But remember this is still a Beta.

You won't be able to simple unzip to the Orbiter folder to install this one. As is the case with any add-ons which include a base you must manually edit your config file for the moon base. There is no way for the add-on developer to know what bases you currently have so you must be prepared to add the base to the config file yourself. Open the readme file and carefully follow the instructions step by step and it will perform as advertised. ..see installing add-ons

Tips and Tricks!

A nice feature to use along side with TTM24 is the Remote Vessel Control panel by McDuck Now you can undock vessel remotely while you remain inside the PTM

If you have trouble with graphics jumping when undocking vessels then try unchecking Orbit Stabilization in the Launchpad.

When you land on the moon with the Lander-PTM do a quicksave. Once you drop the PTM onto the rover you won't be able to get it docked to the Lander again.

Park a DGIII at the LUNOX base and you can use it's "Space Guys" to do Moon walks.

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