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Filename: OrbiterSound 2.5
Author: Dan Steph
Add-ons the make a great sim even better
Size: 3.7M

File Description:
Complete and fully integrated sound environment, include thrust sound, wind, atc, ambiance sound and few more others. Included Soundconfig.exe to customize all aspect of OrbiterSound, Sequential_editor.exe to create sequential atc pack and the SoundSDK for vessel creator to add custom sound to their model.

Really simple to use: just click "OrbiterSound25_Setup.exe", give orbiter's path and you have sound. Don't forget to read also the help.html for full use and to download more atc sound for the radio ATC (optional download).

This add-on has the Orbiter folders built in so all the components end up in the right places. At orbiter launch, choose the OrbiterSound module(dll). OrbiterSound is configured by default with all option 'On' so no need to make any change before the first mission. See installing add-ons.

Not much to say. If you download no other add-on, download this one. This is a must add-on and it's a wonder why Dr. Martin doesn't incorporate this into his standard package.

If you already own an OrbiterSound and if you want to keep your sound/Radio folder, save it and copy it back when you finished installing the 2.5 version. You may later launch the soundconfig.exe utility located in orbiter's directory to make any change you wish.

Sequential_editor.exe - Located in "sound" folder this tool helps you organizing the wav of one radio frequency in sequence. You can even time them so they play in the exact order and time you want. Look on Dans Orbiter Page or some others for sequential radio frequency to download into Orbiter you can see that a frequency is sequenced while the word "SEQ" appear in the radio MFD.

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