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Author: Dave Bartlett
Type: Space Ships
Size: 469kb

File Description:
Ship from 2001 Space Odyssey.

I waited a long time to download this addon but now that I finally got around to it I'm not disappointed. This model is perhaps the most beautiful of the orbiter add-ons. The modelling is exemplary and the texture is spectacular. If that's not enough it comes with three pods just as beautifully well adorned.

All the bay doors open given access to the pods. The pod pads can be move out through the open doors and the pods are fully functional.  The AE35 can be rotated or folded down. Also the Airlock door can be opened.3D glasses needed

This is a nice addition to Orbiter and is absolutely STUNNING in 3D stereo view. If you have 3D glasses you'll love the external views of Discovery. My only future request for this add-on is to be able to do EVAs.

Be sure to download
radio sound add-on Hal 9000 atc pack from Dan's Orbiter Page it contain 9 sounds taken from the film 2001 a space odissey for frequency 200.100 HAL.

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