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Author: Eugene Harm
Type: Scenery
Size: 8122kb
Review Date: Jan 2005

File Description:
Physically, the star is nearly (but not quite) sunlike, a class F (in the middle of the range, F5) dwarf with an estimated temperature of 6400 Kelvin, right at the point at which we do not have to correct for infrared or ultraviolet radiation. The star's luminosity of only 7.4 times that of the Sun leads to a radius twice solar and a mass 1.4 solar.

Habitable ecosphere radius 2.7 AU....more and STARS and STAR OF THE WEEK

Star; Anwar, Mass = 2.786e30 Size = 13.92e8

This is my first addon so of course I will give it a favorable review. No really it is quite nice. Although the star information is factual everything else about this addon is fictional. I wanted a real star with a habitable zone to base my system on. Then I made up some realistic looking planets and moons to explore. The mesh for Ice Mount was developed by my son Luke. Notice the MtLuke.msh filename. This mesh has no texture but it sparkles like ice.

Version 3.0 of Anwar is now has a patch to take advantage of the new Orbiter 2005 Edition. This patch updates Anwar system to take advantage of the Orbiter 2005 atmospheric haze effects. Navbeacons have been added to base towers and sky cams are added to each base.


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