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A short course in Photography cont...


Most photographers will frame their pictures to present the subject in the best manner. They may envision the picture in thirds and place the subject off center. Find elements of interest; look for major elements and minor elements. The photograph should have a main point of interest. All other components should be lesser to the main. Your eye should be drawn to toward the main subject.

Begin to visualize how they all come together to compose your picturchiller pipese. Consider shape, color, pattern, tone, texture and form. Study photos taken by masters that you find pleasing. What is it about them that capture your attention? Are you drawn to the subject? See how they compose the elements mentioned above.

Try a different approach in your picture taken. Depth and perspective are other elements photographers try to capture. It may present a different feel or mood. Quite often photographers will go through numerous rolls of film trying different angles, distances and exposures. I personally am more conservative with my film but will willingly expend several shots on one subject.


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