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DeltaGlider II joins Helios for a flight to the Moon

Author: Michelle Megan

Stardate: 52805.2425

The Sun rises over the Kennedy Space Center and the DeltaGlider II is rolled out to the runway.

After planning for this day for some time now the G-SNDO is fueled up and the hatch closes. The countdown approaches 0 and the engines come to life. As the Glider leaves the comfort of Earth you realize you will not return for days to come.

The air gets thinner as we gain altitude and speed, grasping for the reaches of space. The turbo pumps are turn off and the engine come to full cut off as orbit is finally achieved. The onboard computers are calculating the next burn that will take us to the new Dockyard station where a new starship that was being built is now completed and is ready for space flight trials for the first time.

As the DeltaGliderII approaches the Station the passengers are in awe by the shear size of the newly constructed ship docked in port 1 at the station. As we make a pass to the left side we can see the name of the great ship, " Helios 1 ". She is truly a site to see, nearly 4 times longer than the large Dockyard One station itself. A smile is on the face of the Glider pilot, as she knows she will be flying the Helios for the first time today.

The DeltaGlider assumes a nearby position and all onboard watch as the Helios undocks and drifts slowly away from the station. It is now time to rendezvous with the Helios and prepare for the flight to the Moon as planed.

After making a successful docking with the Helios and having replenished the O2 and fuel supply, the DeltaGlider 2 is shut down for the long voyage to the moon.

The launch window approaches and the Helios with the DG2 attached now gets into position for the escape burn. The Helios is a heavy ship and controls are not as responsive as that of the DG2 but for long flights it is perfect for human comfort and support.

Days pass and the moon fills the window as the time for capture is near. The ship fires a retrograde burn and assumes a good orbit at 500k altitude. No time to rest though, the engineers are eager for the data obtained by the flight. The DG2 undocks with the Helios and makes a perfect landing at Brighton Beach.

Shortly after the engineers determine that the Helios and the use of the DG2 as the support and landing vehicle may be just what is needed for the long flight to Jupiter. The DG2 will be perfect to explore the moons of Jupiter as the Helios holds orbit at Jupiter itself preparing for the long flight back to earth.

The data and subsequent reports are loaded in the DG2 and with the hover thrusters she leaves the moon and returns to orbit where the mother ship awaits ready to return to earth.

It was a great flight
More Michi imagination to come as the adventures continue.

Michelle Megan

You may want to download this scenario to set up the environment with all vessels in place. In order for it to work properly you will need:

- The new patched 030303 DockYard One station found on AVSIM -
- The Helios Ship found on AVSIM Ships -
- The LRS Station found on the Voyager site stations
- The OCRS Station also found on the Voyager site

Once the files are installed. replace the default cfg files that come with the add-ons with the ones included in this .zip file for proper radio XPDR and modified inertia values as well as corect docklist information.


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