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Adventures in Orbiter

First Command Adventure Scenario Author: Eugene Harm

Date: Nov 17 2067

You've been number one onboard the Helios for way too long. Now Captain Korzun is about to give you your first command.

Since the beginning of this assignment you were under the belief that the Helios was on an exploratory mission of Neptune's rings. Today Korzun informs you of the real reason behind this journey. A Vespucci Class HRAIR is reported to be out this way and the Helios mission was to find her. However Headquarters has not revealed why the Vespucci is out here. You are told only that the Vespucci is dormant and needs to be occupied by a team and brought back to Earth. You are now promoted to Captain and the Vespucci is your ship.

Only one more job to do as number one of Helios. Find Vespucci on radar and pilot the Helios along side her. Once you have the Helios in position along side the Vespucci report to Captain Korzun to collect your crew assignments and mission orders.

Mission Orders:

To: Captain Jack Cochran
Date Nov 13, 2067

Captain Cochran transfer yourself and crew to the Vesspucci. The Pucci Cargo craft has all the supplies you need for the journey. So take the Pucci over to the Vespucci and dock to her nose port. Then proceed as follows:

Once inside the Vespucci remain inside your space suit. Do not remove your helmet until later when your crew is onboard then you can give the all clear. Align the hab so the shuttle craft can be deployed. Take this shuttle back to Helios.


We are uncertain of what happened aboard the Vespucci so the risk of contamination falls on you and your crew only. Your crew shall undock the Helios Shuttle and rendezvous with you. Commander Low will pilot the craft with your crew. Your crew shall transfer to your shuttle by EVA. Commander Low shall redock the Helios Shuttle back with Helios. Once all are onboard take your crew back to Vespucci. Before docking to the Vespucci send mission specialist Jerry Ross on an EVA to inspect the radial spikes. After inspection is complete dock with the Vespucci and assign the crew to their post. Safe the Pucci Cargo craft by docking her on one of the mains behind the spikes.

Completely review the Vespucci D Manual and bring Vespucci home. Dock in Assembly for post mission assessment.

Vespucci Crew manifest:
Jack Cochran, Captain
John Kole, Pilot and Systems Expert
Jim Chang, Navigator and Medic
Jerry Ross, VLFEL Engineer
Joey Bisco, Propulsion



Download to set up the environment with all vessels in place. There are two scenarios. In the First Command scenario you have to rescue a runaway ship, extremely challenging. In the First Commmand Orbiting Neptune scenario all ships are in orbit around Neptune, challenging but fun. Enjoy!

In order for it to work properly you will need these fine add-ons:

- The Vespucci_D
- The Helios Ship
- OrbiterSound
- The Outer Planets HighRes Textures ( not needed but recommended )

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